We won a grand prize of the 10th e-Learning Excellent Company Contest from the Minister of Korean Education. > Notice

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We won a grand prize of the 10th e-Learning Excellent Company Contest …

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작성자 admin1 작성일14-10-02 12:02 조회1,035회 댓글0건


We participated in 2014 e-Learning Korea International EXPO in KOEX, Seoul, from 17th~19th, Sep.
We thank to every visitors to our booth.
During EXPO, we applied to 10th e-Learning Excellent Company Contest and won a grand prize.
We introduced Twokey® SMART Education System.
Usually normal classroom has a display device like TV, Beam Projector, and e-Board in Korea.
But it is not easy for teachers to change normal classroom to Smart classroom.
Twokey® SMART Education System consist of dual booting tablet(Twokey® Pro) including interactive educational solution(Twokey® ES), and wireless mirroring device(Twokey® Mirroring) which can be used to any display device.
If it is adopted to general classroom environment which has display device  like TV or Beam Projector, basic infrastructure for smart education can be built without any additional construction or cabling immediately except wireless network.
Each component of Twokey® SMART Education System has been developed by smart education business experiences of us and opinion survey from various fields to improve limitation of legacy smart infra. So teachers can conduct e-learning activities freely.
We will keep making effort to develop new smart product and related services to meet educational institute's needs.


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